Spring Cleaning the Closet

Take a peek in your closet today.  Do you see clothes you haven't worn in months? Have they been in the back of your closet because of the weather?  Or is it because you are not wearing them anymore?  When you think about why you are not wearing those clothes, it is usually because of one of the following three reasons; they are damaged, they are out of style, or maybe they just don't fit anymore.  

Spring time is one of the best times of the year.  The winter is finally gone for good - along with the gloominess and gray days.  The days are getting longer, the sun is shining more and the temperature is warming up!  Spring brings new life in nature and it can be a perfect time to bring new life to your closet.  

Before you just get rid of those old clothes, consider what you can do with them.  If you have an item that is damaged but you still love it, consider repairing it first.  Sometimes the cost of a good seamstress is less than you may think.  You may be able to fix it yourself as well.  If the item is damaged, and you no longer love it, it may be time to get it out of your closet.  An item damaged beyond repair can be but up and used for hair ties, fabric curlers, rags around the house or aprons for the little ones.  

If the item doesn't fit anymore, can this be resolved?  Does the item not fit because the article of clothing itself has been compromised by the wash, or wear?  Or does the item not fit anymore because you have gained or lost weight?  Before getting rid of one of these pieces, ask yourself if you plan on fitting into that item again and if you still love it.  Or maybe you can take the item to a great local tailor and have it altered.   

If the clothing in your closet has been on a good run, but it's time for it to go - then get rid of it!  Get something in your closet you will actually wear and enjoy wearing it. 

Whatever the reason may be you need to clean out your closet, unless it is damaged beyond repair please don't just throw it out.  Donate those clothes to a family member, a friend, or a local donation center so someone else can enjoy it.  Goodwill Industries is always a great choice!  Local thrift stores, or second hand shops will also take your donations, and that is a great way to support local small businesses! 

After you have taken the time to clean out that closet, take some time to shop and get some of our favorites.  Spring time is a perfect time to get a new romper, dress or some denim for those cool spring evenings. 

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