The Great Debate

During this time of year, many minds tend to gravitate toward what is considered a  pretty big decision.  There is much debate going on, many different opinions floating around, and if we are not careful - friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even family can become offended.  The debate I am referring too, of course, is the debate over warm weather clothing and cool weather clothing.  

When you leave the house first thing in the morning, it is nice and cool outside.  Sweater weather!  But by the time lunchtime creeps around, the sun shining down begs for you to bare those arms and legs and warm up!  

Poppy & Stitch has some perfect solutions for you.  Grab a sweater for the morning and put it on over your favorite t-shirt, or even better - a body suit! 

We’re loving the Pedicab Colorblock Hooded Cardigan with pockets for all the right reasons! With two square cut, oversized pockets that are functional and complementary, this cardigan also happens to be very soft. The black and  brown color blocking go with everything and is super trendy! 

Add some denim to the mix and you have a versatile outfit to get you through the cold morning, the warm midday sun, and the cool evening again. 

Our True Blue Vintage High Rise Denim is going to be all that and more as a staple in your wardrobe! We love the vintage vibes we get from these with a more relaxed fit, high rise, and distressing throughout. Completely on trend and ready to be styled with anything from sweaters to graphic tees

Come shop now for your perfect combinations.    

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